The Gantzery
The Gantzery
Exploring simple recipes, routines, and habits for feeling your best. Eat Well // Find Health // Feel Great

The Gantzery is an invitation to explore food and health in the kitchen.

This is a site for people who want inspiration to cook, and to improve their health through food.

We think a lot about food, and we think you should, too. But, in all honesty, food and health is overwhelming. Most of us didn't grow up cooking, and our markets are filled with food designed for profit and convenience, not health and longevity.

Food matters, though. Not just food, but how we make decisions around food, and how it permeates family, health, the environment, and our community.

We aim to connect people with food. We publish seasonal recipes with tasty photos, often with tips on things like nutrition, mindfulness, meal planning, and cooking.


We're a photography team based on the west coast. We work with companies and magazines, mostly in the food world. Our clients have a product, mission, or story that they're proud to share - we help them through the creative process to take an idea from concept to reality.

If this sounds helpful to you, please get in touch. Our portfolio is online:

The beginning

We started the blog after attending a Real Food Real Stories event with Naomi Starkman, founder of Civil Eats. Her story pushed us to follow our passion of inspiring and encouraging people to explore food and health in the kitchen. Read our first post about it here.

The People

Cody handles the cooking and photography. Fed by his mom’s delicious cooking while growing up, he started cooking for himself in college. As a collegiate rower, he learned attention to detail and efficiency. Now, he applies that mindset to the cooking process, as well as learning how performance in athletics (and in life) is affected by what we eat.

Nat is the organizing and creative force behind The Gantzery. She creates recipes, art directs, and keeps us eating healthy. Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 12, she’s been searching for her ideal health since then. In the past five years, that path has led her to explore diet as a powerful tool to manage blood sugar and overall health. She’s currently studying at Bauman College to become a Nutrition Consultant.

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Here are recipes, thoughts on food production, and musings about history, culture, cooking, and eating for health.

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